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come all you pretty fair maids
who flourish in your prime
be sure to keep your garden clean
let noone take your thyme

my thyme it is all gone away 
i cannot plant anew
and in the place where my thyme stood
its all growed up in root

in june comes in the primrose flower
but that is not for me
i will pull up my primrose flower
and plant a willow tree

oh willow green willow
with the sorrow mixed among
to tell this whole wide world
i loved a false young man 

– jean ritchie 

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Mercedes Helnwein
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Brigitte Bardot on set, 1968.
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Your Future

A week of repairs. Repair your body by sleeping, a ripped jacket by sewing, and most of all: your own honor. By rising above.

good luck,

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PAPERMAG: Danny Masterson Introduces You to Buzzy L.A. Artist Mercedes Helnwein ↘

DANNY MASTERSON: Can we talk about your newfound fascination with the motherfucking banjo? You’ve become a banjo maniac.

MERCEDES HELNWEIN: I’m fascinated with blues and old-timey music, and I’ve always thought it was such a beautiful instrument. I bought one and I didn’t know how to play it for years. About two years ago I really began learning how to play it. Since then I’ve just been sucked in.

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If it is right, it happens — The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away.
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